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Overview of Services by Mr Kevin Barry, Consultant breast surgeon, mayo general hospital.

“Given the close proximity of Rock Rose House to Mayo General Hospital, it comes as no surprise that close professional links are maintained between both organisations. A number of doctors and nurses attend management committee meetings and in this way, help to ensure that patient welfare and safety is paramount at all times

Services provided at Rock Rose house include counselling sessions and relaxation therapies. From a medical perspective, these additional services are most welcome and assist in the normal recovery of patients at various stages throughout their cancers.

The services provided at Rock Rose house are considered therefore to be complimentary to conventional medical and surgical therapies. Counselling sessions provide additional support to people at a most vunerable time. This ensures that a listening environment is made available to people outside of a strictly medical environment and this can be very helpful in its own way.

Relaxation therapies provided at Rock Rose house assist people at various stages of recovery from their illnesses and this is accepted by the medical profession internationally to be of tremendous benefit.

An understanding relationship exists between the volunteers of Mayo Cancer Support Association and Mayo General Hospital such that if any issues of a medical or nursing nature arise during therapies, it is normal practice to refer patients back to their medical and nursing teams for further advice and intervention as appropriate”